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Hi! I’m Julius.

Though born and raised in the Carolinas, I first encountered the ancient tradition of iconography while attending Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas. A whole new world opened to engage in still, quiet prayer and the lives of the saints via painting. From crafting the wood boards with my dad to gessoing, gilding, and painting, I am still just so engaged and enthralled with every step of the process of creating an icon.

This background and passion have more recently expanded into digital art and design, often inspired by iconography and other visual pathways of prayer. For ally, I’ve studied creative writing and theology, and, paired with growing experience in woodworking, I love engaging different disciplines in this work.

I‘ve been happily married to Annie since 2015, and we’re living and raising our kids, Peter and Amelia, halfway up the coast of Maine. When I’m not painting, I‘m usually building traditional wooden boats or exploring the mountains, lakes, and islands that surround and inspire me.

I‘d love to connect with you to discuss commission ideas, art, and design projects for you or your church, or simply talk shop. Please feel free to reach out via Instagram, Twitter, or email.